About Us

Our Mission

We strive to make the best possible product for our friends, family, customers, and ourselves. We use quality ingredients in creative and thoughtfully researched combinations to create products that make people feel good. We believe in quality over quantity so all of our products are crafted completely by hand in small batches, ensuring unsurpassed quality with no by-products or waste to our customers. We are proud of everything we create and stand behind our products. We do all of this because we are excited about our creations and want to share them with everyone.

Meet The Owner


My name is Kristina and I am the creator and artisan/artist behind all the goodies here at Crescent Moon Kreations. 

I started my soapmaking adventure in 2015 and have loved every soapy minute since. I love to create these mini works of art and to share that art with others. I am also expanding into new products like lip balms, lotions, bath bombs, and sugar scrubs!   

As a child I loved to color and paint - LOL it may have been paint by number but hey I was never much of a drawer. As an adult I have reculitvated my love of art and painting but have embraced the wonderful world of abstract! 

I make all of my 'kreations' out of my home based workshop on the Big Island of Hawaii

I share this crazy life of mine with an amazingly supportive husband and our 4 fur babies!

Thank you to all my friends and family that helped me craft my recipes and who love to volunteer to test my newest creations! I can't thank you all enough for supporting me and my business! 



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